Here's some pics of what Jacob's family look like in wolf form:
Rosalie, the serious glarer, is very fashionable! With long golden hair, she's an automatic babe.
She has a glam cream scarf, which she usually wears with a grey top, and looks AMAZING. At one point, she wears a cool blue top, which I also have a pic of. Follow that, and you'll look really cool!
Alice mixes modern and sophisticated, with weird and wacky! Here's a style guide on how to look like her.
Alice has slightly tufty short hair, and brings it out with her choker, that looks amazing. She wore a headscarf whilst she was in Voltarra, and she looked pretty funky! (Especially with those shades!) try out an almost knee length dark dress, with a short cardigan, and possibly a choker like hers, and you'll look brill!
There are also many people in the Cullens family, which is also really hard to remember sometimes! So here's a pic of their family tree, too.
The Cullens
Who do you think is hottest? Jacob or Edward? Post your comments and let ME know. (I personally think Jacob!) to help you decide, here's a pic of both.
The Blacks family is so confusing, that I am constantly getting confused. All of them except Leah look almost excatly the same! Here's a family tree to help a bit. Poor Leah!
The black family
Now, everyone know that Jacob Black is the hottest thing to walk the earth, and this is my fan page 100% about him! You can tell me if you love, like or hate him, and loads of other stuff too!
Jacob Black, the cutest little wolfie in town!